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Portable LED micromotor;from denture adjustment to general applications

As the latest member of pioneer portable micromotor for mobile dentistry, VIVAMATE series, VIVAMATE G5 provides various functions to meet doctors' mobile dentistry needs. Used with the irrigation and saliva ejection system, Viva-Support, the LED micromotor with internal spray system enables easy and certain teeth cutting and decay removal. In addition, the newly developed control unit with innovative design promises high portability and operability by being both AC and battery power system.

Control panel offers simple and intuitive operation
Easy to see necessary information, such as rotation speed setting, power on/off and battery remaining levels. The control panel that allows intuitive operation greatlyreduces stress to operate the instrument.

Able to use both rechargeable battery and AC Adaptor for thecompact control unit
Able to operate with rechargeable batteries anywhere. When battery power level is low, just plug in AC adapter into outlet; bring the unit to patient visits without worry. It is very easy to carry since the control unit is palm-size (W72 x D180 x H36 mm) and weighs only 370g.