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High performance, cutting-edge technology that interacts with humans and respect for the environment.
With its 6 registered patents, N1clave was created to give innovative answers to today’s challenges and the needs of professionals and their teams.
A revolutionary concept in 5 versions: an unprecedented load-time ratio in the sterilization cycle, advanced connectivity and user experience and operation using just tap water, which you can either reuse at the end of the cycle or drain without contaminating the environment.

  • Time is the most precious resource, both at work and in our private lives. This is the reason why N1clave ensures superior performance,thanks to patented innovative technologies, which increase the cycle speed and dry the instruments perfectly.
    Its extraordinary efficiency is perfectly expressed in the ratio between the load capacity of its chamber and the time required to complete a cycle: this ratio allows to see at a glance the difference in performance between N1clave and other autoclaves.
    For example, N1clave 8 30 can sterilise an 8 kg load in just 30 minutes (a performance index of 3.75 minutes per kilo) with reduced power consumption. No other autoclave on the market claims to match this performance.

    Time measured for B cycle Universal 134 with solid load, single wrapped.

  • A simple touch is all you need to connect to the future of sterilization. N1clave is the first autoclave that is perfectly in sync with contemporary languages and meets the need to manage each operation and stage in a precise, intuitive and comfortable way.
    The latest generation connectivity allows you to manage the data of the sterilization cycles securely and receive precise and timely assistance,
    the innovative Light Signature accompanies every step and warns about any risk, the elegant and immediate graphic interface allows to use the menus in a simple and innovative way.

  • Touch screen Positioned at the center of the innovative cockpit and characterized by the ergonomic inclination, the touch screen offers an extremely gratifying work experience.

  • N1clave is the first autoclave that works with tap water.
    That alone tells you how revolutionary it is. But there is more.
    An extraordinary innovation, due to the Water PerpetualTM system, with its special patented filters positioned inside the autoclave.
    In this way, N1clave increases comfort in sterilization management and takes care of the environment and a precious resource such as water. For environmental sustainability in technology is today’s true innovation.

  • The control panel of the Wate PerpetualTM system, located on the front of the autoclave, includes the water drain tap, the selector for the activation of water recycling and the outlet tap.

    The Water-Out Filter is positioned so as to be easily accessible.