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As the latest member of pioneer portable micromotor for mobile
dentistry, VIVAMATE series, VIVAMATE G5 provides various functions to
meet doctors' mobile dentistry needs. Used with the irrigation and
saliva ejection system, Viva-Support, the LED micromotor with internal
spray system enables easy and certain teeth cutting and decay removal.

Perio-MatePeriomate, BioFilm Eraser LEARN MORE BioFilm Eraser

Perio-Mate is used in the treatment of periodontal pockets and peri-implantitis. Avoiding injury to the soft tissues and root surfaces inside delicate periodontal pockets during cleaning procedures is crucial. The Perio-Mate's ultrafine water spray and glycine-based Perio-Mate Powder team up to gently eradicate biofilm in periodontal pockets in just 20 seconds.

VarioSurg3Variosurg3, Non stop evolution LEARN MORE Non stop evolution

An ultrasonic bone surgery system is indispensable when performing implant procedures. VarioSurg3, the latest advance in the VarioSurg range, maintains the light weight and slim handpiece design of its predecessor and the same excellent balance and grip but has 50% more power than the previous model. The feedback and auto-tuning functions, combined with a wide range of tips,
ensure faster, more precise treatments. Intuitive controls and a large and clear backlit LCD screen makes VarioSurg3 really easy to operate and takes the strain out of delicate procedures.

VarioSurg3 also features the world's first dynamic link feature, which enables you to operate both VarioSurg3 and Surgic Pro via a single foot control. NSK's LINK STAND TECHNOLOGY allows you to conveniently link two supremely powerful and versatile surgical units for convenience and space saving while maintaining independence when needed.

iCare sets a new standard for handpiece maintenance systems. In one stylish and compact body, it offers you both ease of use and multiple functions to achieve complete cleaning and lubrication.
The proper solution volume is preset based on handpiece type, and maintenance can be initiated at the touch of a button.
The chuck cleaning system keeps chucks pristine, and the purging select mode lets you alter purge time depending on the situation for truly comprehensive maintenance.
Thanks to its stylish and compact body, iCare is also space efficient and totally in harmony with your working environment.

Ti-Max S970 Air Scaler LEARN MORE
The S970 air scaler offers a wide power range with easy swivel power adjustment and an extensive tip range for a wide variety of applications ranging from general scaling and root canal irrigation to minimally invasive procedures.
The wide range of applications, comfortable grip and ease of maintenance makes the S970 air scaler the instrument of choice for dentists and hygienists alike. A titanium body and sleek, seamless design make the S970 really comfortable to hold even during long procedures whilst allowing for excellent visibility of the operating site at all times.

Dentalone LEARN MORE
Dentalone is the dentist's office mobile cart easily expandable from «carry» position to a comfortable, user-friendly dental treatment cart ready to use anywhere, anytime.

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